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Introducing, LustWorxxx!

Hey everyone, I know that I have been super quiet on here lately. But I am back, and I really do hope to be getting back into the swing of regular updates going forward. Starting with this announcement today, I wanted to take a moment to introduce all of you to my new erotic boudoir brand – LustWorxxx.

Introducing, LustWorxxx! - Boudoir Photography Portland

Obviously I have been doing a lot of erotic boudoir photography here under my primary brand over the last few years. But as I have begun to do more and more business in that genre, I found it hard to focus content on that was appropriate for both of my audiences here. So In an effort to be able to produce content here on my blog specifically for my more standard boudoir audiences, as well as content specifically for my erotic boudoir audiences, I decided that the easiest way to achieve that goal would be to simply split the erotic stuff off into it’s own brand with it’s own website.

Introducing, LustWorxxx! - Boudoir Photography Portland

I’ve spent the last several weeks getting everything ready and this week was the week that I decided to go ahead and make the transfer. So, from this week forward, standard boudoir and couples boudoir will be available here through my primary name brand, while erotic boudoir and erotic couples boudoir services will be available over on the new LustWorxxx website.

I am excited to begin this new adventure with you all, and I hope to see those of you interested in my erotic content over on the LustWorxxx website!