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The Importance of Printing Your Boudoir Images

In this day and age the number of images being taken on a daily basis is higher than it has ever been, but the interesting conundrum within all of this is that at the same time, more images than ever are going unseen – lost forever to a digital prison. This is not just true of iphone images and snapshots either, people are having professional photoshoots done, only to get digital copies of the images which are easily lost and forgotten.

Printing your boudoir images is something that I feel strongly about, not just because I offer products, but because it gives you a physical connection to your images. It gives you something that you can touch and feel and this really helps to bring the whole boudoir experience full circle in a way that a digital copy of the image just can’t match up to.

The Importance of Printing Your Boudoir Images - Boudoir Photography Portland

I am happy to offer a variety of prints, albums, canvas, and other specialty products for my boudoir clients. But today I wanted to focus on the print box that is included with my Silver Product Package, this wooden box comes with 25 4×6 prints of your favorite images from the shoot. It can be great as a gift, and looks good on a dresser while at the same time being small enough to be easily hidden if you need to keep it out of the hands of others (in a dresser drawer maybe).

This is one of my most popular products, and for good reason. It is more affordable than a little black book or an album, but you still get that physical connection and interaction with your sexy boudoir images. If this is something that you may be interested in make sure and let me know when you setup your consultation or book your session!