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Portland Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir Photography?

What is boudoir photography? If you find yourself in this blog post it may be because you are curious about how I define boudoir photography, or maybe you are completely unaware and have absolutely no idea what it is. Regardless, this post will serve to answer both issues, as I describe what boudoir photography is and how I see my art and style fitting within that.

Boudoir Photography comes from the french word ‘ Boudoir’ (pronounced Boo-dwah) which mostly refers to a womans bedroom or dressing room. In recent years the term Boudoir Photography took on the meaning of intimate portraits of women (mostly, some men too) shot in their underwear, lingerie, or varying states of undress. These are popular gifts for brides to their new husbands, or wives to their longtime husbands, but also they have been touted as empowering experiences for the women in them as well.

What is Boudoir Photography? - Boudoir Photography Portland

What is Boudoir Photography & How Does Anthony Fit Into It?

Just as with all niches of photography, there are different styles and schools of thought with boudoir photography. Some of these styles are described as bright and airy, others dark and moody. As well some are more cutie and playful, while others more sexy or sexual. My point is, there is a wide spectrum of boudoir photographers out there able to service women of varying comfort levels, looking for different things.

As for how I would classify my work, If it is not already painfully obvious. I would say most of my work falls into that Dark & Moody Steamy/Sexy category. I like strong contrast, drawing the viewers attention to where I want it by using highlights and shadows to my advantage. I do modify my sessions based on the comfort level of my clients, but for the most part women who come to me can expect to get a variety of images in various lingerie outfits, with some implied nude imagery and even full on nudity if they are comfortable with that. I also tend to push my images more into the suggestive end of the spectrum, but that, just as with the nudity, varies based on the comfort level of my client.

Hopefully this post has helped clear things up for you about what boudoir photography is and how I see my work fitting into that genre of imagery. If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them, so feel free to drop a comment below or hit me up with an email. I look forward to speaking with you!