A Month Later, What I Have Been Up To

It has been a little over a month now since I first posted about my turbulent March, which included losing two jobs within the same week. I realized this morning that while I have been busy trying to make ends meet, I have almost completely forgotten to update this site in several weeks. Part of my goal during this rough time has been to really focus on my personal site and projects, and while I started out well, obviously the blog has been silent the last several weeks. So here I am, with an update about where I am, who I am, and what I am doing.

As I alluded to in my first post, I reached out to several publications in the wake of my march madness and was able to secure some work for three of them. Over the course of April I have been contributing on a regular basis to Resource Magazine and have taken on the role of Associate Editor of Tech and Gear. In scope, this is very similar to what I had been doing over at SLR Lounge, it’s something I am comfortable with and have been enjoying. I have also taken on a daily spot at The Phoblographer managing and keeping their daily deals post ‘Cheap Photo’ updated and optimized for easy searching. Between these two publications, I have been kept pretty busy over the last month but as I said, there is a third publication.

Photographer: Anthony Thurston

The third publication that I have had the pleasure of contributing to during April has been FujiLove. FujiLove, for those of you who have not heard of it, is an online magazine and community dedicated specifically to the Fujifilm X Series of cameras and their users. I am not going to be contributing to FujiLove as regularly as I am with Resource Magazine or The Phoblographer, but it is a fun engagement and one that I look forward to continuing. In fact, stay tuned, my second post on the FujiLove blog should be coming out later this week and my first piece for their Premium Magazine will be coming out on May 7th.

In addition to the writing, I have also been looking to expand on my Photography. As much as I love, and would prefer to specialize in, boudoir, I simply don’t get enough work shooting it lately to help pay any bills. So I have been picking up job shooting what I can here and there, which this last week included a headshot session and a college senior session down in Eugene at the U of O. Stay tuned on the site for some featured images from those sessions.

 Overall this month has gone much more smoothly than I ever thought possible, and I owe a huge load of credit for that to my amazing friends and my wife Brittany. You have all been so incredibly supportive and I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to make it as well as I have without you all pushing me. So, thank you, and I promise not to wait so long for another update.

P.S. – Thoughts on my new profile pic? Not bad for a selfie, huh!?