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What’s this? You can now find me over on Digital Trends?!

Hello again, friends! It’s time for another personal update thanks to some new things going on for me. As you may know, working freelance means always busting your butt to find additional projects or revenue streams to make sure that the bills are paid. Things are constantly in flux and today I have some great news about a new publication that I will be contributing to on a daily basis, Digital Trends.

Yeah, I’m Contributing To Digital Trends

Digital TrendsDigital Trends is a large and very well respected web publication covering a wide variety of electronics, technology, and entertainment topics. I will be primarily contributing to their photography section, and to start my main responsibilities will be writing photo news posts on a daily basis, but I may also take on some bigger reviews or feature projects in the future as well.

I look forward to helping the Digital Trends team expand their photography news coverage and interacting with the larger Digital Trends community. If you are interested in following me over on Digital Trends you can find all of my posts there, here.

A few of my highlight stories from this last week include: Corel’s Aftershot Pro 3 Announcement, The Love/Hate relationship that Editors have with their Videos, and Facebook admitting it was wrong to remove an emotional but controversial photo of a father and son in the shower.

The added writing responsibilities have kept me really busy Monday through Friday so I look forward to catching up on some personal projects this weekend. Namely my Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and Fujifilm X70 reviews. The X-Pro 2 review has a bit more to go, so you may see the X70 sooner, but who knows, maybe you will see both this weekend. I also have some boudoir shoots from last weekend to process, so that will be taking some of my attention as well.

Anyway, back to the grind!