Mr Noah – Acros 100 Results

As I noted a short while back, I got and have been playing around with film photography via a Pentax K1000. One of the film emulsions that I gave a shot was Fujifilm’s Acros 100, and although I got the scans back a while ago, I only just now had the time to write this up for the blog. Since I was still experimenting with K1000 and Noah isn’t exactly the easiest kid to manually focus on (not that I expect him to be, he is 3) I had a lot of missed focus or wrong exposure images.

That said, the images that came back and were in order were great! Now, to a third party they aren’t anything special, but for me and my family, these pictures of our little guy are special.

Looking forward to sharing more film results as I can get a chance to get them up.