Art Prints & Downloads Store Is Reborn

When I first started this website I originally had a small print store for those interested in buying prints of my art. Then as I started to focus more and more on client work I sort of phased the store out so as not to confuse potential clients. Basically I was worried that potential  clients would be worried that I would be selling their images in my store. Anyways, I have come around to the idea again, and so I have decided to take a stab at it with my more recent work.

As before, no client images will be offered or sold through my store. Only images produced with models or willing participants will be made available through my store as prints or through digital download. This is important for any one interested in purchasing or potential clients to understand. I take my clients privacy and image security very seriously and I would not compromise that to make a few extra bucks from third party print or download sales.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about my current offerings. My art prints will be available in 3 sizes; 8×10, 11×14, and 20×30. I may offer smaller prints from time to time as part of a promotion, but for now I wanted to make sure that if people were buying art prints they were substantial.

For digital downloads, I will only be offering full sets of images for download. It would simply be too much hassle for me to make images available on a file by file basis. As such, my digital downloads will be available for purchase in three resolutions; Standard Resolution (1000px on the long side), High Resolution (2500px on the longest side), and Full Resolution (usually around 6000px on the longest side). These downloads will not come with any print or commercial licenses and are meant for personal enjoyment only.

To find the store you can click on the button on the bottom of this post. But if you are looking for it at another time, away from this post, you can find the link for it in the bottom right corner of the website, next to the link to my photographer education portal.

Anthony Thurston Print and Download Store
The link is easy to find, just scroll to the bottom of the website and its located in the bottom right corner.

I look forward to working with more models and creatives in the future to expand this store further and make some incredible art available to my followers.