Recommended Gear

For Boudoir & Intimate Portrait Photographers
I get asked all of the time about the gear that I use, the gear that I recommend and what gear someone should have if they want to shoot boudoir and intimate portraiture like I do. Well, the honest answer, like with many niches of photography, is that there is a lot of gear out there that is capable of producing the sort of work that you see here on my site. It is more about the knowledge that you put to use while using that gear; but with that said, I have found that I really enjoy shooting with the following gear and I think that you will too. 

Recommended Cameras

It's true, they really don't make bad cameras these days. If you know what you are doing then you should be able to pick up any relatively recent camera and get the results you are looking for. I've got two recommendations for you today; one from Fujifilm and another from Sony. Both offer excellent image quality and are more than capable of producing the sort of images that you see on my website. 

Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III Product Image
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Fujifilm X-E3

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Recommended lenses

Lenses are a matter of personal preference mostly, but in my experience, I have really enjoyed using the following lenses for my boudoir and intimate portrait work.
XF 23mm F2 R WR
Fujifilm XF 23mm F2
Fujifilm XF 50mm F/2 R WR
Fujifilm XF 50mm F2
Mitakon 35mm F0.95