A Little Portland Street Photography

I like to get out and shoot on the streets occasionally. Yesterday I had some film I needed to review, so I took the opportunity to head out to the streets of downtown for some Portland Street Photography. It was the closing hours of a beautiful day, the light was gorgeous and being as it was a Saturday, there was plenty of people on the street – which was wonderful.

The film that I was giving a go was AGFA APX 400, and while I don’t know the results of the shoot just yet (film, gimme a week, haha), I did obviously have my Fujifilm X-Pro2 on hand as well. I shot the entire evening in black and white with Fuji’s Acros film simulation, which is just outstanding.

Portland Street Photography
My view as I started crossing the Morrison Bridge from East Portland into Downtown.

I started my excursion on the east side of the river, just near the Morrison Bridge, I parked and hiked over the bridge into downtown, stopping to grab some shots along the way. I then weaved my way through downtown Portland, passing Pioneer Courthouse Square, and a lot of the other notable downtown Portland landmarks. I meant to head over towards Voodoo Doughnuts, but ended up running out of light before I made it over that way – but I still have a roll of APX 400, so I may hit that spot next time. (Also, Killer Burger – because… duh!)

One thing I really enjoyed using, that I don’t normally take advantage of, was the optical viewfinder on the X-Pro2. It just doesn’t make much sense for boudoir/portraits – in my opinion at least – but for street photography it is a major advantage. Being able to frame up and see people in the viewfinder prior to them entering the frame of my image was a great way to work on composition.

The outing reminded me of how much that I enjoy just walking the streets capturing images of people and things that I find interesting. I’m no Bill Cunningham, but it was a fun experience, and I can’t wait to head out again. You can check out small gallery of the images below, if you are interested in checking them out.

Portland Street Photography – August 6th 2016