After Hours Boudoir is Back

As many of you know, I primarily specialize in Boudoir photography as my chosen business specialty. Over the last 5 months, since I moved up to Gresham and the Portland area, I had not really tried beyond some half-baked efforts to get my boudoir business of the ground here. I all honestly I had only just started getting the traction that I wanted down where I moved from, so the idea of starting over again was really off-putting.

But given the events of the last couple months, I was given a new lease to try and make it work up here in the big city, so I took the opportunity. But before I could focus on getting my business back up and running, I had to make sure I had some other money coming into cover my bills, because starting a boudoir business is not easy money, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Thus, I focused much of my first full month unemployed focusing on getting some paying writing gigs, something to help with the bills while I got the boudoir business back together.

Well, I’ve finally come to the point now where I can just keep doing what I am doing, as far as the writing goes, and now I need to spend some time focusing on the photography – or I never will. So this last week I successfully revamped my entire boudoir business, everything from my prices to my portfolio. I did a soft launch last week, and have been making some tweaks to things here and there since then.

Anyways, I put out a new model call early this week with the goal of having some good, fresh portfolio content to help push my business and bring in some new clients. We will see how it goes, but so far I have had several inquiries, so I am optimistic I can get at least a few good portfolio shoots out of this.

I am looking forward to spending more time on photography going forward, I always hated not being able to spend much time on it, so in some ways, I am glad I have been forced into it. Wish me luck!