If I had to peg one of the biggest things that I have loved about being in the Portland area since I have moved here it would be the availability of quality models. Back in Monmouth/Independence and the general Salem area, it is harder to come by experienced models, and when you can, it’s generally more expensive than I liked to pay due to their added expense of coming down from Portland. But here in the Portland area, not only are there a ton experienced and gorgeous local gals, but traveling models routinely stop through Portland. One such traveling model, Stephanie Manescu (Follow her on IG), came through town last month and I had the pleasure of shooting with her while she was in town.

Stephanie has modeled for Playboy and other magazines as well as acting (you can see her in Wolf of Wall Street) – so, needless to day I was honored and excited to be able to work with someone of her experience and caliber. I usually like to distil my shoots down to 3-5 favorites when I share, but with this shoot I had a hard time narrowing it down to the images that you will see below.

So, needless to say, I feel like the shoot went great. We worked together really well, she was able to take my ideas and thoughts for shots and just run with them without much tweaking or direction needed on my part. But that is enough gibberish from me, you are here to see some images, so let’s get to them…

My Favorites with Stephanie Manescu

For my photographer friends, if you have a chance to work with Stephanie I highly recommend it, she is a professional and does her job well while still being fun and a great all around person to spend time with. I look forward to possibly working with her again while I am in NY for PPE or her next trip through Portland.

If you are interested you can find her on Instagram here or over on Faceboook here.