So I’ve Got Some New Limited Edition Prints Available

So as with many artists and creatives, I work and I get by doing other things – in my case, writing. I am lucky to be able to afford to live and still pursue my photography both through my boudoir business with After Hours Boudoir and with my personal photography work here.

Still, I don’t have the means to support my personal photography as much as I would like. I would love to get out of the studio more, shoot more lifestyle boudoir in real homes (or more likely, AirBnB rentals or something), I would love to have makeup artists and hair stylists at more shoots to help bring up my production quality – Heck, I would love to hire more experienced models that can provide a range of looks and know to move with the light and camera in mind.

So I have been looking, and thinking, and trying to come up with some ways to better support my personal photography and after batting around several ideas, I’ve decided to sell some limited edition prints of my personal work. Well, not all of it, but some of my favorites from each shoot I’ll throw up on my store, each with limited availability.

Anyway, the first few prints are now available in my new store section of the site. They feature a few of my favorites with Stephanie Manescu from our shoot this past month. If you like my work, are a fan of Stephanie’s, or simply want to support me please consider purchasing one of them (or one of those I add  as time goes on).

For now I am just going to offer these limited edition 10 run 13X19 prints, but if requested I may add more offerings (smaller prints, different papers, calendars, presets, idk). I am mostly just feeling this out, seeing if anyone is even interested in these at all.

If you want to see what I have available you can check out my store, here.