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Looking for some 1 on 1 SEO help for your photography website? Look no further. 

SEO Mentoring

$199.00 $150.00

Are you looking to get some third-party SEO advice on your photography website? Need some tips, tricks, or ideas on how to get the most out of your website to attract visitors from Google and other search engines? This is the mentoring session for you.

Book your time below to get up to 1.5 hours with me in person (if local to Portland, OR area) or via Skype/Hangouts for those not local to my area. During this time we can cover a wide variety of topics that you may be interested in; everything from how to optimize your pages for certain keywords to what/how to name your images for the most affect.

I have built the traffic up on this website from the ground up, and now average over 700 views per day, mostly from search engines thanks to my SEO methods. If you know what you need help with let me know and we can focus on that, or if you have no idea where to start I can teach you what I know to help get you on the right track.