THU 06

THU 06 – Single Preset


This dark and moody preset was hand crafted by myself. This same preset has become one of my go-to presets for my current black and white look with my boudoir photography.

- About THU 06 -

Designed For Underexposers
Do you purposefully under expose your dark and moody imagery in order to protect your highlights? Then this is the black and white preset for you - but don't worry, if you don't underexpose a quick slide of the exposure slider will get you up and running in not time. 
Dark, But Detailed Shadows
A theme of mine is mystery in the shadows, and there is a fine balance between going too dark and not dark enough (imo), this preset attempts to get you pretty close to that point with one click. 
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THU 06 Is Part Of The THURSTY Presets 

This is one of the same presets that I use on a daily basis to achieve my signature black and white look(s). I've spent countless hours processing and refining this presets on thousands of images, and now it can be yours apart from the THURSTY Preset Pack.  


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