Finally! AMD and Adobe Get Lightroom Crash Issue Resolved

I was so happy this morning to wake up to find that a new driver update from AMD claimed to resolve a long-running issue with Lightroom where the software would crash if GPU acceleration was used with an AMD graphics card. Lightroom has enough performance issues as it is and having to disable my graphics card for the last several months to avoid unnecessary crashing was a major annoyance.

I installed AMD’s ReLive 17.7.1 update (it is an optional update so you will have to open your software and choose to install it) this morning and have been able to process images again with GPU acceleration and have not had a single Lightroom crash or hiccup (at least any that I would attribute to GPU issues). Color me impressed, I can’t count the number of times that I have installed updates to things claiming to fix issues only to find that either the original issue still remains or new issues cropped up. I am happy to report that, in this case at least, based on my personal usage, the issue does, in fact, seem to be resolved with no ill side effects.

GPU acceleration can go a long way towards making an editing session a more enjoyable experience in Lightroom. I have certainly noticed the nice kick to performance it brings with it; specifically in the develop module where changes you make to your images display much quicker than with CPU based rendering. This is especially true being a Fujifilm shooter, Lightroom has long had performance issues with our RAF files, and GPU acceleration in my experience does well to mitigate some of that. I noticed right away after re-enabling my GPU Acceleration that things were working smoother for me… thank goodness.

I am looking forward to editing the next few days with this nice return to normal performance for me. If you are an AMD GPU owner who has also been affected by the Lightroom crash bug when you enabled GPU Acceleration then I highly recommend updating your GPU driver to version 17.7.1 asap – You can grab it from AMD’s Website, or through the Radeon Software on your system.