Fujifilm X-Series WiFi Quicktip: Browse/Send From The Camera

One of the features that I absolutely love about my Fujifilm X-Pro2 is its WiFi functionality, having the ability to remotely control my camera via my iPhone or grab images right off the camera for fast social sharing are valued tools in my arsenal. That said, until recently I was always going about viewing the transferring images off my camera the way that made the most sense to me, but I’ve come to find a better way – so I am here to share my ‘discovery’.

So let’s start with how I would normally view/grab images off my X-Pro2 when I using the WiFi. I would usually turn on the WiFi on the camera, connect with my phone, and then open the Fujifilm app and start browsing the images on my second SD card (the iPhone can’t view the RAW files which I record to SD card 1). Once I had a few images selected I would do the transfer. This was always annoyingly slow and cumbersome, to the point that it made me not really want to do it unless I REALLY wanted to share a specific image.

Fast forward to my recent discovery, which I always knew was a possibility but never actually took the time to try. The difference is browsing through the images on the camera, rather than on your phone, and when I think about it I feel sorta stupid because it makes so much sense as to why this would be faster. But that is besides the point, now I browse the images on my camera, turn on the WiFi, and select images that I want to send to my phone on the camera, send the files and the whole process is SO MUCH more smooth than doing the browsing via the phone.

Now, obviously in some cases you may not be able to, or it may be inconvenient to have to browse the images on your camera rather than your phone, so in those cases just falling back to the phone browse method makes sense. But if you are in a place where you can browse with your camera, I highly recommend going that route, the experience is exponentially less annoying and slow.

How to browse with the camera?

Ok, this may seem obvious, especially if this is the method that you already use to browse/send images, but for those like me, it took a minute to figure out. So here is the step by step for browsing and sending images from your Fujifilm X-Series camera via WiFi to your phone.

  1. Press the ‘Play’ button to browse your images.
  2. Press ‘Menu/OK’ to open the playback menu
  3. Scroll down and select the ‘Wireless Communication’ option
  4. Connect your phone to your camera’s WiFi
  5. In your phone app select the ‘Receive’ option
  6. On your camera start browsing through your images
  7. Send images to your phone as you come across them

It’s as simple as that! The actual transfer of the images from your camera to your phone can vary, but overall this is a much smoother process than trying to browse on your phone. Anyways, I know this is super specific to Fuji people, but it’s something that I discovered recently and thought I would share in case there were others like me being annoyed with the other method.