Lightroom Classic CC From a Fujifilm Shooter’s Perspective

Ok, so let’s set aside all of these concerns about the naming, future, and pricing for Lightroom and focus on something that is near and dear to all photographers, but especially to Fujifilm photographers – Lightroom Classic CC’s performance. Adobe touted some big improvements in performance with the Lightroom update, but in the past these claims have been mostly unfounded, and rarely improved much for Fuji shooters. So, is it any different this go around? In a word, YES!

I’ve been using Lightroom Classic CC now for about a day, and while that is not a ton of time, the results have been so good that I am confident is sharing them with you. Simply put, if you shoot with Fujifilm you need to get this update ASAP. Everything about my experience using Lightroom has been improved since this update (beyond that initial load after converting the catalog). Brushes are faster and smoother (and without any jittery stuttering like I dealt with before), loading images in the develop module is fast and changes made to the image are also nearly instant.

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In terms of rendering and previews, one of the pieces of Lightroom that has always been excruciatingly slow with Fujifilm RAF files from my [amazon_textlink asin=’B01A8DUR74′ text=’X-Pro2′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thurweblink-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a485d731-b552-11e7-a19a-9d9067f89e11′] is now much faster. I don’t have exact times to share with you because I didn’t think that far ahead, but safe to say that previews (Standard, 1:1, and Smart) are rendering out much quicker for me and exporting has seen a tiny speed boost too.

As well, thankfully, I am now able to actually use my GPU to help accelerate my Lightroom Classic CC experience even more. Previously I would run into a ton of issues when using brushes and other adjustments if I was using GPU acceleration, but since updating I’ve not run into a single issue with it and everything is running smoothly.

It’s too bad that all of these performance improvements, especially for Fujifilm shooters, are being overshadowed by the renaming snafu. Hopefully that will all get sorted out and photographers will be able to sort out their confusion.

But in short, at least in my experience – upgrade to Lightroom Classic CC asap if you are rocking a Fuji kit. It will seriously save you soooooo much time.


  • Performance boost is nice, but I would prefer, if Adobe would improve the image quality of the images from X-Trans sensors.
    • Yes, that would be ideal for sure. But I will take the performance boost, step in the right direction at least.