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Oregon Boudoir


Wow, I can’t believe that I never shared the images from this shoot with you all. I was going back through my images from the last several months and I realized that I never blogged about this k...
Boudoir Photographer Portland Or


October has been a busy month and we are only a week in at this point – and for me it doesn’t shot any signs of slowing down at all. But I absolutely had to jump on here to share this sess...
Boudoir Photographer Portland

Three Weeks Postpartum And Rocking It!

I am always stressing that anyone can come into my studio and feel sexy. Case in point? Take a look at these absolutely stunning images I created with Kristina a few weeks ago at my Portland Studio. W...
Boudoir Photography Portland OR

A Boudoir Session For Everyone

I am a huge believer in the idea that every woman should experience a boudoir shoot at some point; be it as a gift for a lover or just for themselves. The fact is that for whatever reason a woman come...
Boudoir Photography Portland OR

Cozy Bedroom Boudoir With Vanessa

As I have talked about constantly on this blog, one of the biggest excuses that I hear for women not wanting to do their boudoir shoot in their own home is that they feel like their home is not ‘...