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A Boudoir Experience Like None Other

Anthony Thurston Boudoir clients are a different breed; you have looked out over the landscape of photographers, either specializing in boudoir or simply offering it in addition to other services; and you have found yourself wondering if there was a different way – a better way. You want images that are more than just lingerie + skin, you want images that tell a story; Images that evoke a feeling – or dare I say – turn you on. You reject the idea that images should be bright and fun; instead preferring a truly sexy experience that is dark, mysterious, and oozing in sex appeal.

If this sounds like you, then keep on reading to learn more about the Anthony Thurston Boudoir experience.

The Boudoir Experience - Boudoir Photography Portland

What To Expect…

I am so excited that you are still here and still interested in my boudoir experience; so let’s jump into what makes it different from others you may have heard about or be familiar with.

1 Uniquely You. This is custom tailored experience based completely upon your own unique comfort level and needs. After you contact me about booking your boudoir session we will spend some time discussing what you are looking for from the session; what you are comfortable with in terms of the sexiness of the shoot; and what your reasons for the shoot are — all so that I can tailor the boudoir experience to your unique taste.

2 I’ve got your back. I am fully committed to you and to helping guide you through the boudoir experience. I am always available to answer questions via email or text message, heck call me if you want. For my clients I am always available. Be that for questions about what piece of lingerie you should buy or what style of makeup you should go with. I am here with my vast knowledge and experience to give you what you need to succeed.

The Boudoir Experience - Boudoir Photography Portland

3 We can do this anywhere you want. The majority of my clients have the shoot in the comfort of their own home. It saves us the cost of a location, is a place that you are already comfortable, and it also has the added benefit of already having all of your stuff in it. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything when it’s shoot time. That said, we can also schedule the shoot at a hotel, airbnb, or at my place. Whatever your preference is works for me.

4 You don’t need to know what to do; really. The majority of my clients are not models who shoot in the nude all the time. Most of my clients are your neighbor down the street, or that coworker that recently got out of a long relationship. My point is, most of my clients don’t know how to pose or move or position themselves in a boudoir setting. I am aware of this and I come prepared with some excellent prep emails to help you get ready, and I also take extra care during the shoot to demonstrate and really help you through each pose or scene to help you make the most of your time with me.

The Boudoir Experience - Boudoir Photography Portland

5 Price is NEVER a reason to put this off. I have gone through great effort to curate a boudoir pricing strategy that allows me to provide for myself while at the same time being extremely flexible and affordable for even the tightest of budgets. Not only do I offer several incentives to help save you money (paying up front, giving me permission to share some images, or writing me a review) on your session or products, I also offer killer payment plans than can break your payment into easy to afford chunks over 3,6,or even 12 months.

Finally, this is what I do… All that I do. There are many boudoir and intimate portrait photographers out there who share their time shooting various genres of photography. While those individuals may be able to take a good picture; they don’t have the extensive day to day boudoir experience that I offer. I have been shooting boudoir exclusively since 2016, it is what eat, think, and breathe.

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